Dream League Soccer

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Soccer is one of the most beloved games in the entire world and, therefore, there are several games that try to test your skills. However, Dream League Soccer is on the top 10 chars in countries like Italy, Singapore, Belgium and Turkey, which means that those many countries can not be wrong about its quality!

This game let's you choose your team and become their coach to lead them to victory. You can recruit players, upgrade your stadium and lead your team to victory and to being the best on the planet! As the team's manager, you choose! Pick your teams and acquire your players with a transfer system, sign them in using coins and develop your team, which can have up to 32 players.

Dream League Soccer uses intelligent AI and sharp visual to provide you the best gaming experience possible. The app is very intuitive to use and control, making it the perfect soccer app that captures the game like any other.

There are 4 leagues for you to choose from, which include the Elite Devision, Friendly Marches, Global Challenge cup and the Dream Teams. In all of them it's up to you to rise to the top and become the best player by training your team in the app's player development program in which you can increase the players' Ball Skills, Fitness and more!

With Dream League Soccer you'll have hours of gameplay and won't get bored as there are always more challenges to unlock and more achievements to fulfil!

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APK आवृत्ती 1.0
सुसंगती Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread)
निर्माता First Touch
गोपनीयता धोरण http://www.firsttouchgames.com/w/?page_id=1427
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